Redcliffe & Temple BID
30/04/2024 1:00 pm

Mindful Sketching

Temple Church

Join us for a free 45-minute Sketching class - an activity to promote wellbeing.

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Press pause on your day and join Artist & Illustrator, Laura Bridges at the beautiful & historic Temple Church for a serious doodle that aims to boost your creativity, stimulate mindfulness, and increase well-being.

All forms of art can help you learn how to express yourself in new ways and reduce stress in the process. Sketching is a great way to practice mindfulness and get more in tune with yourself and your emotions.

Whether you know the direction you want to take or begin by aimlessly doodling, the creative process will help you deal with stressors in your life by bringing your attention to something new.

Venue: This event will take place at Temple Church, meet outside the main entrance just off Temple Street.

Artist & Illustrator, Laura Bridges – is based at Cass Art Bristol.

Redcliffe and Temple BID events are for the benefit of the area’s levy payers.

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