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Self Defence and Situational Awareness

Redcliffe and Temple

Join us for a free 45 minute self defence and situational awareness session

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A brief introduction to self defence and situational awareness for women.

The session will look at how women make safety decisions everyday, and how we can trust our instincts and call out what we see in front of us. We concentrate on the perpetrator’s body language and behaviour and how to identify entitlement and misogyny, two major causes of boundaries being crossed.

We will explore using our presence, verbal de escalation and simple physical tactics to escape or re enforce our boundaries as well as how to increase our ability to be allies to others who are subjected misogyny, whilst remaining safe ourselves.

The session will be conducted by a female instructor with over twenty years of experience in martial arts, self defence and personal safety.

All ages and fitness levels accepted.

Upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon

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