Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?


A Business Improvement District is a defined area where business rate payers agree to pay a levy into a fund for a fixed period of time. Specific agreed initiatives are then delivered to meet the businesses’ priorities.

Question 2

Do other towns and cities have BIDs?


Yes, there are over 320 BIDs in the UK so almost every major town and city has a BID. Legislation for BIDs was introduced in the UK in 2004. For more info see here.

Question 3

Are there any other BIDs in Bristol?


Yes, The Broadmead BID  was established in 2005 and was one of the first in the country. Businesses have voted for a renewal of the Broadmead BID four times, receiving a stronger mandate each time. For more info see here.

The City Centre BID was established in 2017. Both of these BIDs are managed by Destination Bristol. There are also BIDs in Bedminster and Clifton Village. For more info see here.

Question 4

What area will the BID cover?


Please see here for a map showing the proposed BID boundary.

Question 5

Will all businesses within the BID boundary be included in the BID?


No, businesses with a rateable value of below £25k will not be included. Also, any business receiving charitable, mandatory relief will not be included in the BID. However, these businesses stand to benefit from projects delivered from the BID if it is successful.

Question 6

Why is a BID needed in the Redcliffe & Temple area?


There is a great opportunity for a BID to make a real difference – the area is growing and changing rapidly and feedback from businesses is that they recognise the need to manage this change. It is estimated that 20,000 people work in the proposed BID area; with investment of £5m over five years a BID would be the collective voice of the levy payers, delivering projects driven by the requirement of the businesses for the benefit of all.

Question 7

What is the vision for the BID area?


The vision is for a Redcliffe and Temple area that is vibrant, thriving, sustainable, inspirational and welcoming.

Question 8

What sort of projects will the Redcliffe & Temple BID deliver?


The projects delivered will be decided after an extensive consultation process. Overall, they will focus on making the area a better place for businesses and staff but also for visitors and residents.

The five themes the BID will focus on are:
 Creating and promoting a vibrant place
 Connecting and representing businesses
 Improving sustainability and the environment
 Creating and maintaining quality space
 Building a safe and caring community

Our final Prospectus will provide details of the projects which will be delivered within each of these themes.

Question 9

Shouldn’t some of the projects being proposed be delivered by Bristol City Council from the business rates we pay?


BIDs cannot pay for any services which the local authority is obliged to deliver. Before the ballot, Bristol City Council will supply a Baseline Agreement to the BID, detailing the services which it must deliver so that this will be clear to the businesses.

BID funds are seen as the ‘icing on the cake’ – they can only be used to deliver projects over and above those delivered by the council.

Question 10

How is it decided whether a BID should be implemented?


A ballot is held and two criteria must be fulfilled for a BID to be implemented:
1. Over 50% of the votes cast must be in favour
2. The combined rateable value of those who vote in favour must represent over 50% of the total rateable value represented by those who vote.

Question 11

When will the ballot be held?



Question 12

What if I don’t vote?


If you do not vote but the two criteria at question 10 are fulfilled then you will required by law to pay the levy.

Question 13

What if I vote ‘no’?


If you vote ‘no’ but the two criteria at question 10 are fulfilled than you will be required by law to pay the levy.

Question 14

If the BID is successful, how long would it last?


The BID would run for a five year term. At the end of that period, businesses would be asked to vote again to decide if the BID should continue.

Question 15

How much would my business pay?


Each business with a rateable value of £25k or over would pay an annual levy of 1.5% of their rateable value.
Businesses within a managed space, such as Temple Quay Estate and Finzels Reach who pay a service charge (for services such as cleansing and security) would pay 0.75% of their rateable value. This takes into account the fact that they are already paying for services which the BID would not need to deliver in their areas.

Question 16

How much money would be raised?


We estimate that £5million would be raised across the five year BID term.

The BID levy is based on the rateable value of the businesses. Several large office developments are currently under construction and will not be given a rateable value until after completion. Therefore the exact BID levy cannot be calculated at present. However, all new businesses with a rateable value over £25k will be required to contribute to the BID.

Question 17

How will the BID levy be collected?


The levy would be collected by Bristol City Council and ring-fenced for the BID management team to spend on behalf of the levy payers.

Question 18

How can businesses in the proposed BID area become involved in the consultation process?


We have now contacted all of the businesses within the BID area. We have also invited businesses to a series of workshops. If we haven’t met with your business, we would like to do so as soon as possible. Please email Similarly, do get in touch with any ideas or feedback you may have - we are keen for all eligible businesses to be involved in our consultation.

Question 19

Which businesses are involved in developing the BID?


We set up an Advisory Group in March 2019; this group is made up of representatives from businesses within the different sectors of the BID. For details of the Advisory Group, please see here.
If you would like to be involved in the Advisory Group please email

Question 20

How will the BID be managed?


A Management Group would be set up which would report into the Destination Bristol Board, similar to the Broadmead and City Centre BIDs (see Question 25 for details about Destination Bristol). The Management Group would be set up to reflect the different sectors and areas within the BID.

In addition, Working Groups would be set up to have input into each of the main projects to be delivered. We would be looking for as many businesses as possible to be involved in these groups to ensure that the BID delivers exactly what the businesses require.

Question 21

How will the BID ensure that each area within the proposed boundary sees improvements?


BIDs work best when businesses engage and are involved in identifying projects to be delivered by the BID team. The Working Groups will help us plan projects across the whole BID area ensuring that everyone benefits from the improvements.

Question 22

Are there any examples of BIDs which operate in similar areas to Redcliffe & Temple?


Yes, the Colmore BID in the commercial area of Birmingham is probably one of the most similar. It has been in operation for 10 years and at the last ballot was voted in by 96% of businesses.

Colmore BID has delivered some impressive public realm improvements. See here for more information.

Here are some links to other BIDs which are delivering some great things in commercial areas, including sustainable travel projects, greening initiatives, environmental projects and a focus on well-being and mental health:

Baker Street:
London Bridge BID:
Midtown BID:

Question 23

How can I help support this initiative?


If you are interested in becoming involved at any stage, we would love to hear from you. Please email

Question 24

Is Bristol City Council involved with the BID?


Yes, Bristol City Council have a place on the Advisory Group and they will arrange for the ballot to be held. If the BID is successful, Bristol City Council will send out the bills and collect the levy. Also, as they are located within the proposed BID area they will also become a levy payer.

Question 25

Who is Destination Bristol?


Destination Bristol’s overall aim is to increase the visitor economy in Bristol. They recognise that a thriving, well-managed city centre area is vital for all, particularly the businesses which operate within it. For further details, see here.

Destination Bristol implemented and deliver the two existing central Bristol BIDs - the Broadmead BID (please see here) and the Bristol City Centre BID (please see here)