The BID will be overseen by a voluntary Board of local representatives, we will publish more details about this in due course.

Bristol City Council will have formal representation as the provider of statutory services within the area and as a levy paying business.

The Management Board will meet on a quarterly basis and will oversee the strategic direction and financial management of the BID. This will ensure that the BID operates professionally and effectively at all times and in the best possible interests of all levy payers. The BID Management team will develop and manage the projects identified within the business plan and report on progress to the Management Board.

Staff members of all levels from levy paying businesses will be encouraged to join Working Groups to ensure that the businesses have influence and involvement in all project delivery.

Specific key performance indicators (KPIs) will be set and performance will be monitored against the KPIs by the Management Board.

The Redcliffe and Temple BID will also seek independent accreditation in its first year.