Changes to Business Waste Arrangements

Learn how the council is changing its approach to waste collection.


The council is changing its approach to waste collection and wants to create a Bristol that is cleaner, safer, and litter-free. This will encourage more visitors to our vibrant, bustling city, teeming with independent shops, restaurants, venues and bars, and help the economic recovery from COVID-19.

Businesses within the Redcliffe and Temple area are now being encouraged by Bristol City Council to change the way they present their waste for collection, to help keep the streets tidy and encourage more visitors to Bristol.


The aim of the project is to encourage businesses to manage their waste by making sure that:

  • They have their waste collected by a licensed carrier
  • Their waste is secured and locked away
  • The name of their business is displayed on their waste
  • Their waste is not left beside bins or sacks
  • Access to the public highway is not blocked
  • Waste is stored in or on the business premises
  • Waste bins are presentable and lockable, with any issues being reported to the trade waste contractor
  • Waste are put out for collection at permitted times
  • Waste is brought back into business premises if it is not collected

Over the next few months, the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team will visit hundreds of businesses in the area to provide them with information on their legal waste management obligations and our expectations. Businesses will need to talk to their waste management contractors who can work with them to agree on waste collection methods that allow the businesses to comply with our requirements. For example, this might mean a business moving from having a commercial waste bin to a bag collection service presented for collection at agreed times.



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