BID Consultation Webinar - 25 November12 November 2020

On 25 November of 40 people joined us for our latest consultation webinar ahead of the finalising of the BID Business Plan which will be circulated by 8 January 2021.

Please click here to watch the video of the event.

During the session we updated attendees on the BID process as well as detailing the proposed priorities for the BID. 
The five proposed themes for the BID are as follows:

Creating and promoting a vibrant place
Connecting and representing businesses
Improving sustainability and the environment
Creating and maintaining quality space 
Building a safe and caring community

We also heard from Barry Williams of Barton Willmore and Liam Ronan-Chlond of First Base who discussed their thoughts on the future and outlined why they are supportive of the BID proposals. 

Please click here to watch the video of the event. If you have any questions or comments having watched the video please don't hesitate to contact us.