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Free support partnership helps local businesses save £350,000

Bristol City Centre and Redcliffe & Temple Business Improvement District’s (BID) collaboration with trusted financial advisors, Place Support Partnership (PSP), launched in the city in 2022


BID Lead

Bristol City Centre and Redcliffe & Temple BID’s partnership with cost-saving experts, Place Support Partnership (PSP), has led to Bristol businesses identifying combined savings of over £350,000.

Since the scheme’s launch in the city in October 2022, the support from the BIDs and PSP has helped more than 60 businesses identify  substantial cost efficiencies, through providing a one-stop-shop for financial savings for companies within the office, hospitality and retail sectors. 

As a result, the collaboration between PSP and the BIDs has been renewed for 2024 – with further Bristol businesses set to benefit from reduced operating costs this year, thanks to the service’s cutting-edge resources, expertise and guidance. 

Both BIDs have continued the partnership to ensure that businesses in both Bristol City Centre and Redcliffe & Temple BID areas are able to thrive in the current economic climate.

PSP was founded in 2021, by Rishi Sood, who alongside his team has been commissioned by over 75 BIDs and local authorities, and in the process made millions of pounds worth of savings for businesses across the UK.

Steve Bluff, Head of Redcliffe & Temple Bid, said:

“The results of our partnership with PSP have been great to see as they have benefitted a broad range of businesses within our BID area, so to be able to continue collaborating in 2024 is a real pleasure. We encourage anyone who has not yet made use of the service to do so, as the opportunities to save are vast and easy to access.”

Rishi Sood, Founder CEO at PSP, said:

“We are delighted to be continuing our partnerships to help many business owners save money and take steps towards their other goals such as sustainability. Helping businesses thrive is our priority, so to see that so much has been saved already is an excellent result.”

Fiona Seath, Store Manager at Back In Action, said:

“Rishi (Sood) is informative and a great communicator. Following his assessment we have made a saving and signed up directly with the company he chose. His advice has been informative, helpful and well communicated. I would have no hesitation in recommending having a meeting with him, you have nothing to lose.”

Vicky Lee, Head of Bristol City Centre BID, said:

“Our partnership with PSP has made a huge impact on businesses across Bristol. The continuation of the partnership with PSP is critical for us to help businesses navigate a competitive market and challenging financial circumstances.”

To find out more about how the scheme can help businesses thrive and take advantage of savings opportunities, levy payers can contact the BID team and schedule an initial call with an expert. To schedule a call, email for more information.



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