January Cleansing Report

The cleansing team welcomed 2024 with a positive, near record-breaking start, helping to keep our BID area a cleaner place for all.


BID Lead

Despite a dark and stormy start to the year, the cleansing team got to work with a positive start to 2024. The team hit a near record-breaking amount of graffiti removals for January, with a grand total of 177 tags removed, helping to keep our BID area graffiti free. The team have also been hard at work this month keeping the BID area clean and tidy ahead of Bristol Light Festival this February, ensuring locations are spotless ahead of the festival.

To help us reduce prolific graffiti in the city, please report criminal damage to the police via their online reporting system.

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Covering 310 miles across the Redcliffe and Temple area, the team got to work on their weekly cleansing rounds across Victoria Street, Portwall Lane, Temple Bridge underpass, and BID area hotspots. Their deep clean locations included Temple Gardens, Temple Rose Street, Church Lane, and Redcliffe Way, where they completed dedicated washdowns and graffiti removals.

We would like to thank the cleansing team for such a positive start to the year and for their consistent hard work and dedication to keep our BID area clean.

Our team is always happy to help our businesses, so please get in touch if you have any cleansing queries and requests.

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