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Bristol wide research to understand your sustainability knowledge and processes with SustainIt.



That’s the exact question we are trying to answer.

All levy payers in Redcliffe & Temple BID will be asked to come forward and take part in a Maturity Assessment built in collaboration with SustainIt Solutions, a Bristol-based sustainability data consultancy.

What is a Maturity Assessment?

As businesses across Bristol make pledges to do better for the environment and the people in the city, many different approaches are taken to reduce negative impacts, and help to mitigate climate change.

A maturity assessment is a short questionnaire which is designed to understand where companies are in their efforts to become sustainable. This data will help us to understand how mature plans are, and will help the BID to understand what support is needed to help businesses realise those plans, and help in becoming sustainable.

The wider aim of the questionnaire is to develop a Sustainability Charter for Redcliffe & Temple BID to help businesses improve their sustainability credentials.


A unique link has been emailed to a contact to every business in Redcliffe & Temple BID area.

All respondents who complete the survey will be entered into a raffle competition to win a £100 donation on behalf of their organisation to a charity of their choice, compliments of Redcliffe & Temple BID. The winner will also get a free consultation session (1 hour) with a sustainability consultant from SustainIt Solutions to help identify practical recommendations for their organisation to improve their sustainability based on the submitted results.

If you have not received your link, or are concerned the wrong contact has been reached, please click here to complete the questionnaire.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions.



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