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Continuing our vision to develop the area into a vibrant and welcoming place, we partnered with the creators of Europe’s largest street art festival, Upfest, to bring more colour to Redcliffe & Temple


BID Lead
Tom Swithinbank

Continuing our vision to develop the area into a vibrant and welcoming place, we partnered with the creators of Europe’s largest street art festival, Upfest, to bring more colour to Redcliffe & Temple. We approached two artists to bring their artistic flair to buildings in the area, celebrating the amazing work of two of our levy-paying organisations, while elevating the look of their workspaces.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service

The Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) have unveiled a large-scale mural on Temple Fire Station’s training tower, as a tribute to the essential work carried out by the service. The piece, painted by talented Bristol and Swansea-based artist Hasan Kamil, is designed to communicate to the wider community that it’s not just fires that the service responds to, but a huge amount of other incidents to help keep the community safe.

The mural proudly displays a fire control operator as the key focal point, to create a major talking point and to foster a real sense of pride for the community’s hardworking emergency responders. A real-life operator, Krissy Foster-Pullen, features in the mural – symbolising the pivotal role of the Fire Control Department in coordinating and dispatching crews to incidents across the Service area. Also depicted in the artwork are services such as dynamic rope rescues, water rescue and responses to road traffic collisions, all intended to capture the courage and dedication of firefighters committed to ensuring community safety.

The AF&RS has the ability to respond to and resolve fire and rescue emergencies that affect communities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the purposes of saving life, property, and the environment.

Krissy Foster-Pullen, Station Manager at AF&RS, said:

"This mural represents real people from across the Service and the scenes depicted are all inspired by real scenarios. We’re so proud of the Service's diverse emergency response capabilities and our beautiful mural is a really fitting tribute to our team.”

Tom Swithinbank, Project Manager at Redcliffe & Temple BID, said:

“Hasan has done a spectacular job of helping us realise our vision, under the theme of Creating Quality Spaces, which seeks to add colour and life to the Redcliffe & Temple area. We are delighted to be able to draw attention to the tireless efforts of AF&RS through such a vibrant tribute.”

Soil Association

The Soil Association is a charity that works with the community to change the way people eat, farm and care for the natural world. In 2020, a mural was painted around their Bristol home of Spear House, by artist Zoë Power, a Bristol-based mural painter, illustrator and lettering artist. The mural showcased the work that the Soil Association does, while adding an eyecatching splash of colour to the building.

This year this artwork has been expanded by Zoë to include ever more vibrant depictions of nature, sustainability and the richness that soil can bring. Zoë’s mural emphasises the work of Soil Association in championing sustainable food, farming and forestry, and how it touches every corner of life. The mural shows the journey of farm to fork, as well as depictions of urban growing allotments and tomato plants to demonstrate Soil Association’s work in developing and promoting solutions that work in harmony with nature to make the planet healthier and happier.

Nicola Spencer, Soil Association Group Resources Director, said:

"We are delighted to be extending our colourful mural, thanks to funding from Redcliffe & Temple BID. The artwork’s new addition further celebrates our presence at the heart of this great city - and we hope will help to grow awareness of the Soil Association. We are an environmental charity with both national and international reach and influence, and this mural brings some of our stories to life from sustainable farming to healthy school meals, colourful, diverse and vibrant forests and abundant countryside. We hope that our mural brings a smile to the face of everyone passing and they enjoy this glimpse at our work and a better future.”


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