Green Infrastructure Action Plan

BID Lead

Our Green Infrastructure Action Plan (GIAP) outlines our approach to improving the city’s outdoor environment.

Project Type
May 2022 - Present


Our Green Infrastructure Action Plan (GIAP) outlines our approach to improving the city’s outdoor environment and provides details of a range of exciting short, medium and long term projects to help create quality green spaces and improve sustainability in the city across the next three years and beyond.

We have worked with experts in landscape architecture, Landsmith Associates to undergo a full analysis of the area of Redcliffe and Temple and its current green infrastructure, facilitate stakeholder engagement, set out decision making and define future projects.



The following 12 actions have been identified for the BID to work on during the BID term (2021-2025).

Short Term 

  • Develop a communication strategy on the impact of climate change and adaptation for building owners and businesses 
  • Actively support existing projects-and foster links with community organisations and groups 
  • Create a series of volunteer days and links with community groups to enhance our relationship with nature 
  • Develop a series of public art events throughout the year. 

Medium Term 

  • Create signage, videos and pilot projects to highlight the nature already existing in the city centre 
  • Encourage landowners to sign up to a charter of land access and usage and develop a formal partnership with Bristol City Council 
  • Install temporary street furniture and play equipment. Create a series of pop up green spaces, parklets, lunchtime seating and car free streets 
  • Work with office buildings and local hospitality venues to create a ‘BID community toilet map’, expanding on the existing council scheme. 

Long Term 

  • Work with Bristol City Council to help increase Bristol’s tree canopy by 25% by 2035 (one city plan target) 
  • Celebrate and encourage play create fun, diverse and interesting spaces to sit and enjoy 
  • Install a range of greening interventions, considering streets currently lacking green infrastructure and those more likely to be impacted by flooding and excess heat 
  • Improve the walking and cycling routes in both key routes and backstreets. 



  • Submitted a Community Infrastructure Levy funding bid for Portwall Lane Open Space – to create a new entrance from Portwall Lane 
  • Installed new seating in Temple Quay for staff to enjoy over the summer period 
  • Agreed to part-fund new seating and planters outside One Redcliffe Street on Victoria Street 
  • Added tree lights to Bristol Central Churchyard and Portwall Lane


  • Worked with Barton Willmore (now Stantec) to develop proposals for Temple Quay and Portwall Lane Open Space 
  • Developed a Design Brief and successfully bid for £300k Community Infrastructure Levy funding for Temple Way Underpass in Broad Plain 
  • Installed tree lights on Victoria Street and in Temple Gardens 
  • Worked with Bristol charity Your Park to provide volunteering sessions for local staff 
  • Installed a Wildflower Meadow at St Mary Redcliffe Church in partnership with Avon Wildlife Trust 


  • Commissioned Sarah-Jones Morris to start work on our Green Infrastructure Action Plan 
  • Added 12 planters to Brunel Mile on Redcliff Street and Portwall Lane 
  • Supported English Heritage’s Lottery Funding bid to transform Temple Gardens and committed bid funding should the project commence in the future 

Our Sustainability Commitment

We identified six Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) which we will focus on during this BID term.

This project primarily supports SDG13 – Climate Action, SDG3 – Good Health and Wellbeing and SD11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities.