Public Realm Enhancement

BID Lead

Improvements to the public space in the BID area.

Project Type
November 2021 - Present

One of the key asks from our pre-ballot consultation was to improve the public space in the Redcliffe and Temple area by adding seating, colour and improving green spaces where possible.

We are currently working on a range of initiatives to make short and long term improvements to public space in the BID area.

  • Working with Bristol City Council’s Park Work initiative to work with volunteers from local offices tidy up and add planting to the our green spaces
  • Adding colourful planters to our street space – if you would like planters outside your building please get in touch
  • Working with local business Barton Willmore to develop design ideas for the public realm in Temple Quay
  • Making ambitious CIL applications for long term improvements to Temple Way Underpass and Portwall Lane Open Space.
  • Partnering with English Heritage on their exciting project to transform Temple Church and Gardens into a more useable, attractive environment, preserving the amazing heritage asset of Temple Church.
  • Seeking Opportunities to add public art and murals to empty walls across the BID area.

We would like to hear from you about which priorities you support and other ideas and activities would like to suggest. Complete our Public Realm and Outdoor Environment Survey here. 

A Public Realm Working Group will be established in May 2022. If you are interested in this group please complete this form.

Our strategy and consultation so far

Last summer we commissioned Sarah Jones-Morris of Landsmith Associates to help us develop a strategy to plan our approach over the BID term.

In November, four workshops were conducted to help define this strategy with the workshops focussing on the following topics: Cooling Cities, Cities in Nature, Creating Social Spaces, Designing Spaces with Women. These sessions have been followed up with three walks focusing on the same topics, helping us to under the priorities of people working and living in the BID area. The strategy will be published in April 2022.