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12 Months of Redcliffe & Temple BID

Find out what our levy payers think of the BID.


June 1 2022 marked 12 months of Redcliffe & Temple BID. It has been our pleasure to create and deliver projects in line with our vision for a vibrant, thriving, sustainable, safe and welcoming Redcliffe and Temple with the support of our levy paying businesses.

To celebrate 12 months of the BID, we spoke to levy payers to find out their experience of our first BID year including Nadine Rees, General Manager, at Hilton Garden Inn, Joy Simmonds, Business Development Manager, at Barclays, Mel and Paul Eavis, Co-owners, at Bocabar and Imran Ali, General Manager, at Doubletree by Hilton Hotel.


Nadine: Hilton Garden Inn is an international hotel brand based on Temple Way, near Temple Gardens. The hotel was opened in 1999 and employs more than 70 people.

Joy: Based at Bridgewater House, just off Victoria Street, Barclays is about all things banking and financial. We have been based in Bristol for 8 years, with between 90 and 200 people using this office at any one time.

Mel and Paul: We were lucky enough to be asked to look at the Fermentation Building in Finzels Reach about 3 years ago when it was just a shell. We immediately fell in love with the reclaimed old city centre, making it an irresistible opportunity to set up another Bocabar. We’re a bar and restaurant offering affordable yet delicious food and drinks, including our much loved Boca pizzas. 

Imran: We are a hotel with 100 employees based next door to the St Mary Redcliffe Church on Redcliffe Way, and we have been open since April 1973.


Nadine: I really love the network that the BID brings with the other companies within the area. I am also able to contribute to the improvements that I would like to see in the area that I work and employ a team in.

Joy: For us, we get a say in what happens in the area surrounding us at work so the outdoor space is improving all the time. We make a difference for ourselves and others in BID, we have a voice, we are allowed and able to give ideas and we can see and benefit from the changes including walks, gardening, yoga at lunchtimes and planters.

Mel and Paul: Bristol Light Festival gave a big boost to the Redcliffe and Temple area, bringing in crowds from other parts of Bristol and beyond. We’re hoping this will continue to be a regular annual event, it definitely helps to raise the profile of the Redcliffe and Temple area.

Imran: It means that someone is actively looking to enhance and improve the area the businesses are based in, for our employees and guests.

What’s your favourite thing about the Redcliffe and Temple area and why do you love Bristol?

Nadine: My favourite thing about this area is that it has it all! Offices, transport links, pop up foodie places, a small green area overlooking 12th-century heritage, the waterfront, and it feels that everyone embraces the culture here. There is something going on all the time.

Joy: I was born in Bristol. I am Bristol and Bristol is me. The BID is making the space a better place to be.

Mel and Paul: We love feeling a part of an emerging, new and exciting business quarter, it feels fresh and inspired.

Imran: Right outside our hotel is the beautiful St Mary Redcliffe Church which is more than 800 years old and tells an amazing story of the city. I love Bristol for its independent creative spirit and its quirkiness.


Nadine: I am pleased that the BID is in place and has brought an improved appearance to the area. The biggest thing for me as a hotelier is the arrival experience for my guests. The graffiti clean up team is amazing and the turnaround time when graffiti is reported is so quick! I am also very grateful to be introduced to people that may be able to help my team or the business.

Joy: I would miss the BID Board. The experience for me has been great. I have never been involved in a BID before and it has helped me grow as a person. 

The biggest part I would miss is seeing the changes as I walk and drive around the BID area. It makes me very proud seeing changes in action after discussing with the Board. You can feel the drive, energy and innovation in and outside the meetings. 

Mel and Paul: Bristol Light Festival stands out to us because of the increase of new people in the area. It was stunning and really well organised and promoted. The TAP campaign has also been a really great initiative and we’ve enjoyed a couple of the networking opportunities

Imran: The BID’s five themes collaborate well with each other, to bring out the best in what the district has to offer.

We look forward to continuing our work for the benefit of the whole community, adding value to this historic yet evolving area, attracting investment and influencing positive change.



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