Bring Your Own Lunch Box

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Let’s set the standard for waste reduction one lunch at a time.

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April 2022

We have launched an initiative to reduce waste at Temple Quay market by encouraging customers to bring their own lunch box to the Thursday market.  

Working alongside market hosts, Square Route Events, we are encouraging customers to bring their own lunch box to the market with an aim of saving single-use containers from landfill.

All traders at the market will accept containers brought by customers and lunchboxes will be available to purchase at the market on 12 May.

We know from our consultation that businesses, staff and residents in the area are really keen for the district to set the standard for waste reduction and our contribution towards a net-zero city. It’s fantastic to work with Square Route Events on this and we really hope that it can show other markets around the city and the country that we can significantly reduce waste from our popular food markets

Project Manager, Tom Swithinbank

Local offices will also be encouraged to store a number of lunch boxes in the office ready to be used by those heading out to the market.

Géraldine Roul from Square Route Events explained how they were looking forward to seeing how this initiative progresses throughout 2022.

over the past couple of years we’ve been looking at various opportunities to reduce waste from the market and the BID has provided a real catalyst for us to bring this in, we really hope it will inspire people around the city to take action

Géraldine Roul, Square Route Events

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