Bristol Cargo Bikes for Business

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Bristol Cargo Bikes for Businesses launches this month to offer local businesses a sustainable solution to freight delivery.

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February - December 2024

Redcliffe & Temple Business Improvement District (BID) and Bristol City Centre BID have launched Bristol Cargo Bikes for Business, supporting businesses in Bristol to switch to sustainable delivery methods.

The project will provide subsidies to businesses that switch to using cargo bikes to receive or deliver their freight. We are offering free consultancy to help businesses make informed decisions about how they can integrate cargo bikes into their supply chain, helping to save time and money, improve local air quality and congestion, and reduce carbon emissions.


Cargo bikes produce no tailpipe emissions in use, and produce vastly less lifecycle emissions (from production, etc) than even electric vehicles. They also help reduce congestion, improve local air quality, and reduce noise pollution.

Cargo bikes can help save businesses time by beating city traffic, by using cycle infrastructure, bus gates and traffic filters. They’re also cheaper to buy, fuel, insure and maintain. Additionally, using a cargo bike adds physical activity to the working day, helping improve staff physical and mental health. And they’re fun to ride!


The service is completely free of charge. Businesses can choose from a variety of retailers, couriers and providers from across Bristol to help deliver their products safely and efficiently.

After registering your interest, getting started is simple. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Tell us about the deliveries you receive or send

This could be anything, from food, drink and toiletries to stationery and legal documents, or services like landscaping, plumbing or electricians.

2. We will determine which deliveries can be switched to cargo bike

This could mean changing suppliers or encouraging your current supplier to start using cargo bikes. We’ll find you suitable suppliers or delivery services. If you’re purchasing or leasing a cargo bike, we’ll find you the best model and arrange for you to trial it.

3. Receive a subsidy when you make the switch

We will provide you with a subsidy of 50% off your first two months of deliveries (up to £50 per delivery and £350 total) to reward you for switching to cargo bikes. For bike purchases, you can access 50% match funding towards the purchase cost, and we’ll help you find insurance, training and maintenance.

4. We’ll shout about your switch

We will ensure you get the marketing credit you deserve, promoting your business’ commitment to sustainability on our website and social media channels.

5. We’ll support you to continue using cargo bikes

If you’re having any problems, we’ll help resolve them or find an alternative. We’ll also help you find more ways to use cargo bikes!


This project is jointly funded by Redcliffe & Temple BID, Bristol City Centre BID, and Bristol City Council, who are working with MP Smarter Travel to provide expert advice to businesses to help find the perfect cargo bike service to suit their business needs.

As well as helping businesses to receive their goods more sustainability this project will support businesses whose delivery schedules have been altered by the Clean Air Zone, closure of Bristol Bridge to motor vehicles and the Old City pedestrianisation scheme.

We are also working with Bristol City Council and West of England as part of the One City Freight Task and Finish Group and supporting their work on freight consolidation. Key findings from the Bristol Cargo Bikes for Business project will be shared with stakeholders around the city.



To find out more, contact Ted Davies at MP Smarter Travel.



Thank you to Bristol City Council for funding this project.